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3 Online Gaming Habits that Break Out of the Usual

Posted by admin On August - 10 - 2016

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Playing online games is a similar experience across most apps available today: you download, you install, you log on (or not even that) and start playing. This procedure is the same across devices – the smartphones of today work much like computers from this point of view. And the games, no matter how diverse, mostly fit into some quite specific categories: shooters, RPGs, MMOs, MOBAs, puzzles, and so on. Sometimes, though, game developers – or whole industries – like to break out of the box. Some games don’t fit in any of the above categories, or fit in multiple ones, or even create their own.

Real money gaming

It all started with an ingenious developer (a startup before it was cool) in 1994, that combined the recently introduced secure online payment methods with its game development expertise to create a whole new concept: an online casino. Breaking out of the box worked extremely well in this case: the new concept laid the foundation of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Today you can play online slots at Euro Palace no matter how you are, thanks to its rich mobile offering. The number of games available through the Euro Palace platform exceeds 700, with new ones added each month. But it’s not only the game variety that has improved over the years – the Euro Palace is now one of the most secure places to play. Considering its business, it is not a surprise – it works with its players’ money, after all. The Euro Palace represents a great example of for-profit gaming – heavily regulated, completely safe, and offering a vast source of entertainment for its players.

Mixed reality games

A relatively new concept, made possible by the enhanced mobility offered by smartphones, mixed reality is starting to take roots in the world of gaming. These games are unique, as they are played simultaneously in the real world and the virtual one. They are different from VR, as they take the game to the real world instead of taking the player to a virtual one.

The most notable mixed reality games today are SpecTrek, which sends its players on a ghost chase across the city, Gbanga, which is a whole platform for reality-based games, and the well-known Ingress, a game where players need to capture “portals” forming in various areas close to their location.

Virtual reality

VR has been experimented with for decades, but it only reached the point where it can become accessible to the masses today. It’s almost like the opposite of mixed reality – while the first takes the game out of the virtual world, this one puts the player inside. While its long-term effects on society might be detrimental (see Surrogates, which was an excellent Sci-Fi movie), the technology is real, it’s here, and here to stay. Whether it will be a long-term success or not, it remains to be seen.

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