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Kirby Super Star Original Soundtrack OST

Kirby Super Star OST

Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Composer: Jun Ishikawa

Kirby Super Star is a game that has multiple games inside of it! Players are able to play through 'Spring Breeze', a remake of the first Kirby game where Kirby must chase King Dedede; 'Dyna Blade Mode', in which Kirby must clear multiple levels then defeat a boss at the end, eventually battling the aforementioned 'Dyna Blade'; 'Gourmet Race Mode', in which Kirby must race through platformer levels and eat more food than King DeDeDe; 'The Great Cave Offensive' in which Kirby must navigate his way through a cave, collecting treasures that are hints to other Nintendo games(Captain Falcon's helmet is a treasure, for example); 'Revenge of Meta Knight', in which Kirby must make his way through 'time attack' levels to defeat Meta Knight and stop him from conquering Dream Land; 'Milky Way Wishes', in which Kirby must stop a comet from destroying Popstar;  And 'The Arena', a Boss attack game where Kirby must fight all of the bosses in the game one after another without losing. The game was released on September 23, 1995 in the United States and has received a score of about 80% on most game ranking websites. It has also been re-made for the Nintendo DS with new levels on top of the old ones.

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