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Mega Man 3 Original Soundtrack OST

Mega Man 3 OST

Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

In the year 200X Dr. Wily claims to have reformed and works with Dr. Light on a project to build a peace-keeping robot named "Gamma." However, the Robot Masters set in charge of the "mining worlds" go berserk and make off with the eight power crystals. Mega Man is called into action, this time with a canine companion named Rush, to retrieve the crystals from the mining worlds. After the crystals are retrieved, Wily steals Gamma and retreats to his new fortress. In order to stop Wily's plan for world domination, Mega Man destroys Gamma. After their final confrontation, Wily's fortress begins to crumble. Proto Man appears in enough time to save Mega Man, but too late to save Wily, who is crushed under the rubble. The game did well enough that multiple Mega Man sequels have been made.


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