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Neverwinter Nights Original Soundtrack OST

Never Winter Nights OST

Platforms: PC

Neverwinter Nights, commonly abbreviated as NWN, is an RPG based on the third edition rule set for Dungeons and Dragons with the Forgotten Realms rules. The game was developed by the renowned RPG producer Bioware and published by Atari. Gamers can choose to either play the game's singleplayer story or play online with friends in either play made campaigns or co-op story mode. Like other traditional RPGs, Never Winter Night's centers around the development of a character who eventually becomes an incredibly powerful hero. The game's plot begins with the player being sent by Lady Aribeth to recover ingredients from four monsters in order to make a cure for the Wailing Death, a disease that is violently spreading across the city of Neverwinter. Due to the game's success, Bioware released the expansions Shadows of Undrentide (SoU), Hordes of the Underdark (HotU) and Community Expansion Pack (CEP). The game was very well received as it earned an 89% from GameRankings. Neverwinter Nights was released in North America on June 18, 2002 and in Europe on July 3, 2002.

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