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Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Original Soundtrack OST

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere OST

Platform: Game Boy Color

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere is the direct sequel to Star Ocean: The Second Story and is a sci-fi RPG for the Game Boy Color. The game is set 2 years after the end of Star Ocean: The Second Story after the defeat of the 10 Wise Men. Unlike the previous Star Ocean games, encounters are not random in Blue Sphere as players now have to 'run into' enemies to battle them. The game's battle system is also a bit different than previous Star Ocean games, as battles in Blue Sphere are in real time, sort of like the battles in the Tales franchise. The game's main characters are Claude and Rena, both characters from the Second Story game. Like many of the other games in the series, Motoi Sakuraba composed much of the game's soundtrack.  Star Ocean: Blue Sphere was released only in Japan on June 28th, 2001 and never made it outside of the country.  The title was only moderately received as it sold 120,000 copies in Japan, but is still a must play for fans of the series. A fan translation is floating around the net for those that are looking to play the game.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Music Tracks

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