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Valkyrie Profile Original Soundtrack OST

Valkyrie Profile OST

Platforms: Playstation, Playstation Portable

Valkyrie Profile is the first game in the Valkyrie Profile series which is loosly based on Norse Mythology. It was developed by Tri-Ace (The company behind the Star Ocean Series) and published by Enix. Although the game has 24 playable characters the game's protagonist is a valkyrie named Lenneth who has been given the task of recruiting and preparing the souls of brave fallen warriors, also known as Einherjar, and delivering them to Valhalla in order to fight in the final apocalyptic battle known as Ragnarok between Aesir and Vanir. The game offers an interesting twist to the over used generic fantasy themes of most RPGs and thus is well worth checking out. The game was fairly well received and its success led to the creation of remake for the Playstation Portable called 'Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth'  a sequel titled 'Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria" and a third installment on the Nintendo DS titled "Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume". Valkyrie Profile was released in Japan on December 22, 1999 and in North America on August 29, 2000. It was later re-released on the Playstation Portable in 2006.

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