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Wild Arms XF Original Soundtrack OST

Wild Arms XF OST

Platforms: Playstation Portable [PSP]

Wild Arms XF, called Wairudo Amuzu Kurosufaia in Japan, is the first game in the Wild Arms series for the Playstation portable. The game is a tactical turn based role playing game similar to other 'tactics' style RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea. The premisce of the game surrounds a group of knights called 'Chevalet Blanc' who try and liberate the kingdom of Elesius from a sinsiter council of Elder Statesmen. The council gained control of the nation when the royal Princess was killed in an accident and the current king became too old to rule. Wild Arms XF was released in Japan on August 9th 2007,  North America on March 11, 2008 and Europe on November 28th 2008.

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