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Welcome to , We're your #1 Source for ALL RPG Game Music / Media. We have the Original Sound Tracks for well over 100 Popular RPG Games and are continually adding more music to our site each day. All of our RPG Game Music can be streamed right from our website without ever having to download it! We'll be adding an easy option to download our music as well soon!

MMORPG Music and Nostalgia

Some of the most memorable game music comes from MMORPGs. The time players invest in these games insures that certain tracks are heard hundreds of times. Listen to some of the classic MMORPG tracks from ages past!

MMORPG Music and Nostalgia MMORPG Music and Nostalgia

Composer Spotlight – Nobuo Uematsu

One of the most respected composers of our time, Nobuo Uematsu is best known for scoring the music of the Final Fantasy series. Find his favorite track and more in our composer spotlight!

Composer Spotlight – Nobuo Uematsu Composer Spotlight – Nobuo Uematsu

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RPGMusics is the go-to place to listen to popular video game music. If you're looking for music from MMORPGs and MMOs, check out they have soundtracks and reviews for every MMO. Listen to MMO Game Music on their music section from DotA 2 to MapleStory.

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RPG Music is the #1 website on the net for RPG Game OSTs, Video Game Soundtracks and Game Music. Our goal is to have every soundtrack from every RPG game listed here on the website. Aside from RPG Music, we will also include soundtracks from other popular video games as well.

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Even though you can easily find all your favorite RPG Game soundtracks online or here on RPG Music, we strongly urge all of our visitors to support the game companies and composers behind the soundtracks by actually purchasing the Original SoundTracks to the games they really like. We will try to provide a link to where you can purchase the soundtracks in every one of our game pages as soon as possible.