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Dragon Quest 2 Original Soundtrack OST

Dragon Quest 2

Platforms: NES, Game Boy Color

Dragon Quest II, released as Dragon Warrior II in North America, is a console RPG developed by Chunsoft for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the second game in the 'Dragon Quest' RPG series. The plot is about the prince on Mindenhall who is ordered to stop an evil wizard. On his quest, the prince protagonist is accompanied by his two cousins; the prince of Cannock and the princess of Moonbrooke. The Dragon Quest II story takes place 100 years after the original Dragon Warrior game, as a century of piece is ended when the evil wizard Hargon orders his minions to attack Moonbrooke Castle. As with other Dragon Quest games, the music in Dragon Quest II was composed by Koichi Sugiyama and the original sound track has 11 tracks. The game was released in Japan on January 26, 1987 and in North America on December 1990.

Dragon Quest 2 Music Tracks

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