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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Original Soundtrack OST

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time OST

Platform: DS

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, called Mario & Luigi RPG 2x2 in Japan, is a console RPG for the Nintendo DS and the fifth game in the Mario RPG franchise. The game is a direct sequel to the original Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the GBA. As the name implies, Partners in Time has a time-traveling theme. The game follows the adventures of Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi as they search for Princess Peach, who has been captured by the game's antagonist Shroobs. Like its predecessor and the Paper Mario games, the battle system in Partners in Time involves timing attacks to deal maximum damage. The game, like its predecessor has quite a bit of bizare humor that should spice up the story a bit for those unfamiliarto the plot heavy RPG theme. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time was well received as it earned an impressive score of 85.8% from GaneRankings. The game was released in North America on November 28th, 2005, in Japan on December 29th, 2005 and in Europe on January 27th, 2006.

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