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  1. Lux/ says:

    I’m not agree with your fifith choice, “Otherworld”, despite it’s really a surprise when you start this battle, the esthetic is completely different, it’s no traditional stuff.

    My personnal top would more like : 5.People of the north pole
    4. Lulu’s theme (not used)
    3. Between ordeal (trials)
    2. Silence before Storm
    1. Battle theme

    BTW, How could you upload this among of tunes in less than two months ?

  2. Kami says:

    I cried for the 32980348534 time hearin “Someday the dream will end”….this song make me think so much about so many things
    You just listed the songs I feel more emotions in the game x)

  3. Cravisx says:

    This soudntrack was and is one of the best soundtrack ever made,nobuo umeatsu is again john williams of the games…I just love his composition..

  4. Markus says:

    *Spoiler Alert*

    First of all, it is important to note that Nobuo Uematsu did not write every track in the Final Fantasy X OST. He shared the workload with two others, Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano. Also, I am inclined to heavily disagree with this list, as is my prerogative, given the fact that it’s an editorial. “Otherworld,” “Seymour’s Ambition,” and “Ending Theme” should not make the short list, by any stretch of the imagination. My list would be as follows:

    5. Via Purifico/Path of Repentance – A dynamic piano track which comes to us just after one of the most shocking moments in the story, when Yuna and company initially discover that Spira’s leaders are all unsent spirits. The melody of this tune is tinged with sadness, confusion, and regret, yet is still soothing enough to coax the summoner’s band to continue on their journey, despite everything they thought they knew having shattered before them. Memorable, unique, and perfectly placed within the soundtrack.

    4. Thunder Plains – Nothing could have made the nauseatingly
    tedious and overwhelmingly frustrating task of dodging 100 consecutive lightning bolts in the Thunder Plains to receive Lulu’s completed ultimate weapon less horrid than this song. It is a light, humor-infused masterpiece which seems to encourage and mock its listener at the same time. The audible clock motif throughout serves as an excellent tuner for the task at hand, and the piano melody makes everything bearable… even when you get struck on bolt #97.

    3. To Zanarkand – Excellent piece. You are introduced to this piece right from the opening sequence, and its tune serves as an incredibly emotional and memorable reminder of the fact that, despite the fact that Tidus is always optimistic about the group’s future, a crushing tragedy is their ultimate destiny.

    2. Seymour Battle – This piece could easily by #1, and I feel these final two are interchangeable. This techno-infused battle theme is on the short list of the best pieces of combat music in the history of gaming, and for good reason. Its pulse-pounding beat and synthesized melody rival only the insanity of Seymour himself, who quite literally refuses to let death get the best of him. If you question this choice, go back and listen to it once more. I doubt just once more will even be possible, once you’ve gotten it in your head.

    1. Someday The Dream Will End – This piece is placed in the soundtrack as Yuna’s party finally descends into Zanarkand. It is a bittersweet moment because, despite the fact that the team’s goal is nearly complete, its completion means that they will have to bid farewell to one of their own. In some way, this track betrays the secret which Zanarkand holds; that Yunalesca herself will soon choose one of Yuna’s guardians to be her Final Aeon… and the next Sin. Chilling, yet empowering piece of music. One of the best in any RPG.

  5. Joe says:

    There is a mistake with the article.

    Otherworld first appears in the game when Tidus and his crew fights Jecht towards the end of the game.

    This is incorrect. Otherworld first appears when Tidus is playing Blitzball at the beginning of the game. Right as the stadium is opening it starts playing

  6. Theodore Deem says:

    Good post. I’ve got to say though that in terms of games, I am still old school and adore dungeons and dragons rpg, yep the first one. What is your favorite?

  7. Casey says:

    Its not so much the sweeping orchestra pieces, but the everyday background music, that is the most memorable and outstanding part of the FFX soundtrack

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