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Golden Axe Original Soundtrack OST

 Golden Axe OST

Platform: Sega Genesis, Wii

Golden Axe is a side-scrolling hack and slash game where the player can choose between three characters: A powerful, axe-wielding dwarf, a vicious barbarian, and a sword-wielding amazon. The game's plot is simple, but affective. The evil Death Adder has kidnapped the king and princess of the land, and is holding them hostage with the power of the mythical Golden Axe. The heroes are setting out to settle their own personal vendettas against Death Adder, and rescue the kingdom from his tyranny.

The game had a standard story mode, in which characters travelled throughout the land defeating Death Adder's soldiers as they attempted to reach his fortress and defeat him. They were capable of striking with th eir weapons, and picking up magical bottles that allowed them to cast powerful spells, dependent on how much MP they had. The players were also able to steal the mounts their enemies rode into battle.

The game was originally released in December 1989, but has been re-released for the Wii Virtual Console recently. It recieved a 80.6% rating on

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