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Donkey Kong 64 Original Soundtrack OST

Donkey Kong 64 OST

Platform: Nintendo 64 (N64)

King K. Rool is trying to destroy DK Isles with a large laser called the Blast-O-Matic, but it malfunctions after a crash that puts his floating, mechanical island face-to-face with DK Isles. To buy some time, he captures Donkey Kong's relatives and locks them up, and then steals Donkey Kong's precious hoard of Golden Bananas. As Donkey Kong frees his fellow apes, they set off to recover the bananas and defeat King K. Rool and his army of Kremlings and other evil creatures. Players make their way through themed levels, collecting bananas and other items as they attempt to defeat the evil crocodile king. The game did extremely well, receiving a rating of 90% on most game ranking websites.

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