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Final Fantasy 5 Original Soundtrack OST

Final Fantasy 5

Platforms: SNES, Playstation, GBA

Composers: Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy V is a console RPG developed and published by Square originally for the SNES in Japan. The game is the fifth installment in the critically acclaimed 'Final Fantasy' RPG franchise. Best known for its Job System that grants players wide character customization options, Final Fantasy 5 has sold millions of copies on various consoles. FF5 has many of the same elements introduced in earlier games of the series including the Active Time Battle feature in which time flows continuously for both the player and AI enemies during combat. There are in total five playable characters with only four usable at any given time. The main character, Bartz Klauser is a traveler who investigates the site of a meteor strike only to discover that the four crystals that seal the evil sorcerer Exdeath are under threat. Final Fantasy 5 has only modestly positive ratings (82% as reported by Game Rankings) mainly due to the late release of the title in North America. Japan saw FFV released on December 6, 1992 but was not available in North America until September 30, 1999.


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Final Fantasy 5 Music Tracks

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